Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to explore and find out more about Carbon Candy.

Carbon Candy are a UK based advanced composite company producing some of the very best carbon fibre products and 3D printed components utilising CAD and 3d modelling platforms to design and manufacture from initial conception to completion.

Made up from a team of three people, Brett, Phil and Ashley, with a healthy experience of multiple practices and disciplines. Formed in 2012 for a research and development project in the horticultural field where they soon had a requirement for a flexible and strong material to produce the platform required to meet the clients contractual requirements . This was the start of their fibre glass and carbon fibre division where development of bespoke, complex geometry parts was crucial to provide a strategy to deal with the a plant support system. However, one evening, their lives changed forever when they saw a YouTube video of some drones with bright LED's flying through woodland, with them all being of the star wars generation they knew they had be a part of the drone community and proceeded to start looking at the products available on the market. Drones have come their favourite products.

The boys started by producing various solid laminate carbon sheets and reinforced core carbon sheets with various ply makeups then performed tests, and after speaking to some pilots, the community and performing further research they had established their foundations. Coretek was born.

What makes the boys at Carbon Candy different is how particular they are about the fibres and materials they use and have a very comprehensive selection process, and because they hand lay all of their wares in-house they can offer an alternative choice of fabrics as well as standard carbon weaves. Their dynamic setup makes them a cost effective short run specialist.