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We cut your design

Our bespoke design and cutting service enables you to realise your personal idea and couple it with our expertise in custom hand-laid carbon fibres.

sheet sizes

Whether it's a single prototype design or a large run of parts, we have the flexibility to provide a solution that works for you due to our hand-made approach.

Send us your cutting file and we can cut it out of your choice of material. If you don't have a cutting file our design department can work with you to create one from something as simple as sketch or a photograph.

Buy sheet materials

We can supply flat composite panels built to your specification.

sheet sizes

Sizes as small as A5 and as large as A1 can be created as required. Choose your thickness, core, fibres, resin and finish to meet your needs. Talk to our experts for guidance on the best material choices for your particular application.

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Our honeycomb structure delivers an unrivalled strength:weight ratio making your components stronger and lighter.

CORETEK cross-section

Introducing Aerospace inspired, honeycomb core sandwich panels to achieve a 30% weight saving over conventional solid carbon laminate frames without compromising the stiffness and strength of the carbon itself.

Cortek drone frames

C   O   R   T   E   K 250

Drone R2 Series


Designed as an all round platform, balancing lightweight materials and overall strength.


Carbon coretek — Carbon 2/2 twill 3K with Polyurethane UV surface coating.
Standoffs Round 35mm / 8mm
Bolts M3 6mm - M3 10mm
Gimball 3mm
Top plate 3mm
Main body 3mm
Skid plate 3mm
Arms 3mm × 100mm / 4mm × 100mm / 3mm × 120mm

C   O   R   T   E   K 250–K

Kevlar racing drone


The same specification as the 250 but with a Kevlar reinforced carbon weave for an eye-catching increase in strength.


Carbon coretek-kevlar — Carbon Kevlar 2/2 twill 3K with Polyurethane UV surface coating.
Standoffs Tapered 35mm - Round 8mm
Bolts M3 6mm - M3 10mm
Gimble 4mm
Top plate 4mm
Main body 4mm
Skid plate 4mm
Arms 4mm × 100mm / 4mm × 120mm

Coming soon…

180 frames / 210 frames / X-frames

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